Charlie Aldridge, General Manager for the entire Southwest Region, is also the owner & president of 72DEGREES air conditioning & heating in ft Collins Colorado.  Charlie also runs his family’s ranch where they raise American Bison with his two son’s (Charlie Jr and Jack) and parents (Bud & Sue). “I joined UXO because I want to honor the hero’s that have served our country.  I want to give back to my community, and teach our next generation of kids about the great outdoors. If you’re passionate about serving the Southwest region community and helping changing people's lives, please join our team or make a donation today. Our organization relies on people like you to make a difference.”


Michael olson, southwest region advisor, was born and raised in Santa fe, new Mexico.  a veteran of army service with duties as both a Blackhawk helicopter and Chinook helicopter mechanic, Michael has strong ties to the mission of uxo. as the grandson of former new Mexico department of game and fish director harold olson, he has always been an avid outdoorsman. “hunting and fishing is my passion, especially elk hunting.” for 364 days a year Michael lives his life prepping for that single moment of having a bull elk bugle behind the pins of his bow. for 365 days year, he is one of the most passionate UXO Volunteers you’ll meet. “I just want to help, its my biggest calling. Your donation, in whatever amount, will bring one of the most rewarding experiences to those we serve. We can’t thank you enough, but here's a thank you anyways!”